Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cool Arts at ArtWalk

Come out and support Cool Arts and local artists in this fantastic two-day exhibition, held in Lake Country, September 8th and 9th.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Eco-Art with Annabel Stanley


Lally and Scott

Sara and Laura

Scott and Jordan

Shade, Katarina and Annabel

Annabel and Emma

Kathryn, Courtney and Ruth


Joanne and Sam

Myself (Rena) and Shade

Dylan and Emma
Nicky and Shannon
Shayla, Julie, Katie and Natasha
Pierrette and Dylan

Monday, 19 March 2012

Symphonic Play with Rosemary Thomson

Okanagan Symphony Orchestra conductor Rosemary Thomson takes Cool Arts artists on journey through the dynamics of sound. Participants learn different ways that the body can be an instrument, observe and experience various instruments including piano, cello and percussion. Participant also used visual language to create their own compositions.